Dance Lessons

Our tried and tested dance instructional programs and dance courses have turned neophytes into experts and performers into professional and even renowned dancers. By offering customized routines for every student, we work to bring out the talent within.
Why Indy Five Star Dance Studios?

We have intensive programs tailored to improve not only your dance abilities, but also develop socialization and cooperation skills. Dance is the best physical exercise. We don’t just focus on how well you execute your routine; we also teach you how to become a dancer in attitude and in lifestyle.

We take pride in these key facets we offer:

Group Lessons and Private Classes – Our private lessons provide a personalized course with an instructor who can help you focus where you need improvement. Highlighting your strengths, we can help you concentrate on techniques that will bring out the best dancer in you. You can also choose to join group lessons where you can meet and socialize with other students, and experience dance in a social setting.

Professional Instruction–We only hire the best teachers to impart valuable dance skills to our students. Our team of instructors is well trained and experienced in their chosen type of ballroom dance. They’re able to teach traditional routines with new techniques and styles to keep each dance modern and dynamic. With us, you can be sure you’re under the tutelage of the best dancers in the country.

Competitions and Dance Events–The true test of a dancer’s talent is through performances. We hold galas and competitions to allow students to showcase everything they’ve learned from us. Each event is memorable, helping dancers improve their social skills and self-confidence.

Learn to dance and learn it right with our help. Call us to reserve a slot today!