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Wedding Couple dancing their first dance - Five Star Dance Studios

Five Star Dance Studios knows how significant it is to find your partner in life and we are so honored that you’re considering including Five Star Dance Studios to provide you with the best wedding dance lessons in the Indianapolis area! We understand that dancing for the first time can be a little scary (or maybe absolutely terrifying). But please don’t worry… We teach beginner level figures and patterns to help our clients feel more comfortable on the dance floor. Just remember that starting from scratch is a great way to begin so we don’t have to break old habits.

Five Star instructors prepare custom choreography at the skill level and pace that will be easy to achieve by your big day. In fact, we can even be there at your wedding to coach you and cheer you on with your friends and family if you would so choose. You just bring your bodies and we will get those feet moving in no time with Indiana’s Best Wedding Dance Lessons!

Wedding Couple Dancing

As the wedding dance experts for over 40 years, we make sure that your wedding dance is a moment you both with cherish for a lifetime. Whether its choreography for your first dance as a couple, that endearing moment a parent shares with their child, or even just a crash course on social dancing to enjoy during reception and beyond… we will make all your dreams come true at Five Star Dance Studios with Indy’s best wedding dance lessons! Our wedding dance programs are designed and customized to fit each and every clients need.

Wedding Couple Dancing

We offer a free consultation and first lesson and even discounted wedding dance lessons packages for any goal you have in mind! During the introductory private wedding dance lesson our certified dance instructors will listen to your song or a selection you are considering for your first dance. Don’t fret if you don’t know what song! We are hear to make the journey down the aisle less stressful. Five Star Dance Instructors are highly trained in getting to know who you are, your love story, and can help suggest song choices and dance styles that will be appropriate for your first wedding dance

After your consultation your certified dance instructor will show you basic steps to get the ball rolling while he or she prepares your dance program to practice on prior to your second lesson. At the end of your free consultation and lesson you will meet with your dance instructor and the studio manager to formulate the best game plan tailored specifically to you, your goals, and your budget. Once a program is in place we can schedule out every lesson or we can schedule one at a time. Whatever makes your life easier for your big day. Always remember we are here to make your beautiful journey as stress free as possible and we will do whatever we can to make your big day exactly what you imagine

Your first dance is a special moment, a gift, an instance that will become a memory. Your first dance has the ability to impress, surprise, and delight your family and friends. Let us help you make your wedding dance even more magnificent, confident, and self-assured.

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Wedding Couple Dancing

Our Wedding Dance Packages

A Promise, a Kiss & a Dance

This package is ideal for when your big day is just a few weeks away, and you want to make your day become even more special with a few steps to the song or songs of your choice.

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Your Day, your Dance, your Devotion

This packaged is geared to make you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor on your big day. A choreographed wedding dance lets the gentleman remember steps to take, and adds some style to the ladies follow, so you\’ll have no worries during your first dance. You will even have the chance to practice a little social dancing for the rest of your wedding reception.

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A Ring to ask, a Vow to Keep, a Dance to Remember

This wedding dance packaged is geared to make you feel extremely confident on the dance floor on your big day and perhaps even wow your guests with your new found skills. Of course with any package we are going to style your frame and poise, but with this package we will work more on polishing up the perfect routine for your wedding day. This is the perfect package to combine a choreographed wedding dance and to get your social dancing up to par for your reception. Feel great and look amazing with this heavily tailored wedding dance program that will help you dance the night away.

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Wedding Dance Couple - Five Star Dance Studio

We even have larger dance programs available that could assist in not only first dance, but: Father and Daughter Dance, Mother and Son Dance, Bridal or Groom’s Party Group Dance, and of course larger packages for more practice or whatever you would wish!

We can make anything you dream up a reality as long as we have time on our hands!

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All three of our locally owned and operated studios are a part of the Global Dance Alliance. Which means we’re in the best locations, beautifully appointed with wood floors and state of the art sound & lighting, and have professional, friendly, courteous, qualified instructors.
When you take lessons with us – You become welcome at any GDA studio worldwide.
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